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8-bit Reviews #1: Journeyman November 17, 2007

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Time for something new from me Scott “Shaded Spriter” Harrison.

I am going to start doing reviews of things I have been watching, reading or listening to since I am no longer podcasting and I have put my comic projects on hold until I can finish writing Sailor Goon. These reviews are going to be shown on as many sites as I can. so far facebook, myspace, livejournal and my personal wordpress blog are all going to get this. so enough cross-promoting myself and on with the review.

Journeyman is a new Sci-fi television series which has just started in both America (on NBC after Heroes) and the UK (on Sky One). To quote wikipedia:

The series centers around Dan Vasser, a normal man who, for an unknown reason, begins jumping back in time. He soon learns that each series of jumps follows the life of a person whose destiny he seems meant to change, although it doesn’t always turn out for the better. While in the past, Dan reconnects with Livia Beale, his ex-fiancée, whom he lost in a plane crash.

Any self respecting geek would read this synopses and immediately think of a classic Science Fiction show Quantum Leap. Much like Quantum leap Journeyman is in this area where people think of it as Science fiction because it deals with the concept of time travel, but everything else about the series is stories about one man Changing peoples lives.

I am going to warn you now that from now on I am going to talk about the first two episodes so this might be considered spoilers to some people. Unlike the before mentioned show, when Dan “goes on a Trip” he is himself and not some other person, When he travels he just disappears from the “current” timeline and then re-appears after he has done what he has to in the past. This causes problems for him considering the second time he “leaves” he is gone for two days and was driving his car at the time causing it to crash.

I find this to be an interesting part of the story telling as it causes trouble in his personal life and makes it so his storyline does not become background noise when dealing with the storylines of the people who’s lives he changes. There is one more interesting factoid which I would like to mention and that is the time travel love polygon formed by him, his wife and “I thought you died in the plane crash” timetravelling ex-faience and his brother – yes I did not just make that up it is actually the love polygon which has been created in the series and even if it is sort of cliché I like the looks of it.

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